Our B&B Menu

Our deliciously prepared breakfasts include:

  • TOMLETTES - Tom's amazing egg dish, unrivaled in the civilized world!
  • Pam's World Famous Pumpkin Pancakes with Fresh Apple Topping, Spices and Walnuts, always requested by return guests.
  • Ever have Dessert for Breakfast?  You will love Pam's Creme Brulee French Toast!  Topped with Caramel, Fruit and Whipped Cream.  Oh, My!!!
  • ABQ Strudel, Jones Family Biscuits and Gravy, Caprilotada, Green Chile Stew with Eggs and Warm Tortillas. M-M-M!!!
  • Enjoy our Bottomless Coffee Pot.  Specially roasted and ground for Be Our Guest by Mulligan's Coffee Co., Denver.
  • Early Coffee or Tea
If you stay long enough, Tom and Pam's exceptional breakfast repertoire, prepared with care, will delight your tastebuds and fill your tummies!

We also strive to accommodate many diets and food issues.  Please, be sure to inform us in advance. 

Breakfasts are the social event at Be Our Guest and looked forward to each day.  Breakfast times are based on the needs and schedules of our guests.  We cook once in the morning, all freshly and thoughtfully prepared.  If you miss an agreed upon breakfast time, we'll save you a plate!  But, I must inform you that the delicious breakfast is only part of the great start to your day!